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DAILY CURRENT AFFAIRS -10th April 2024 Centre-State Relations Syllabus: GS Paper-2-Polity Why in News? The Supreme Court said that several states are coming to court against centre which indicates the deterioration of relations between the states and centre. Constitutional Provisions: Legislative Re...


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DAILY CURRENT AFFAIRS-8th April 2024 GCP Syllabus: GS Paper-3-Environment & Ecology Why in News? · Weeks after the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change announced the rules for its Green Credit Programme, 10 states have identified parcels of degraded forest land. · Chhattisgarh and MP a...

Global Gender Gap Index 2023

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Global Gender Gap Index 2023 Syllabus: Prelims-Important Reports Why in News? India has ranked 127 in the Global Gender Gap Index of 2023. Key Points: • India has climbed 8 places in the Global Gender Gap when compared to 2022 report. • It has ranked 135 in 2022. • The country had closed 64.3% of th...


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POPULATION CHINA VS INDIA POPULATION CHINA VS INDIA • Population explosion is the sudden increase in the numbers of individuals in a community. • Lately we have been facing population explosion in many countries of the world. In the past 200-300 years, the world’s population has increased tremendous...

Central Bureau of Investigation

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Central Bureau of Investigation Can State Governments withdraw the consent given to CBI? CBI: · The CBI is the premier investigative agency in India. · Establishment: Its establishment was recommended by the Santhanam committee. · It was established in the year 1963 as a result of the merger of the ...
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