Remission of diabetes, desirable, but not essential

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Research indicates that while achieving a "diabetes free India" may be unattainable, achieving a "diabetes complications free India" is feasible.

Knowing About Diabetes

· Overview of Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes: Type 1 Diabetes (insulin-dependent, childhood onset) and Type 2 Diabetes (affecting sugar usage, linked to lifestyle and genetics) are two types of diabetes, which is a chronic condition.

· Type 1 versus Type 2 Distinctions: Insulin therapy is necessary for type 1 diabetes, which typically develops in childhood. Type 2 diabetes causes problems with the use of sugar, including damage to blood vessels and nerves.

· Effects of Diabetes Uncontrolled: Diabetes, either Type 1 or Type 2, if left unchecked, severely damages blood vessels and nerves, making proper management essential.

"Remission" in Diabetes Type 2: ABCDE Standards

· Diabetes Terminology: "Reversal" implies a temporary absence rather than a cure; "remission" is the proper term, which is scientifically incorrect.

· Remission probability in Type 2 Diabetes: Remission probability in Type 2 Diabetes is associated with A1c values, BMI, insulin C-peptide, length of diabetes, and a proactive attitude.

· Diabetes Remission's Legacy Effect: Even a brief remission has a "legacy effect," protecting against complications and highlighting how important it is to manage diabetes well.

Managing Diabetes in India: Obstacles and Objectives

· India's diabetes situation is dire, with 136 million cases of prediabetes and 101 million cases of diabetes, underscoring the need for preventive care.

· Techniques for Managing Diabetes: Changes in lifestyle postpone diabetes in prediabetes, and efforts to manage diabetes, including remission, are in line with ABCDE recommendations for a longer, healthier life.

· Aspirations for a Complication-Free India: The focus of the vision is shifted from a "diabetes-free" to a "complication-free" India, encouraging a shared dedication to transformative goals on World Diabetes Day.

LTX Mains Question

Q. "How can India effectively address the diabetes burden and what strategies should be prioritized for diabetes management and prevention?"

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